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People often wonder, "Why do I need a running coach?" Or sometimes, "I think I need a coach, but are you a good match?"

Glad you asked! Let's cover some simple stuff.

I offer personalized service and not a one-size fits all plan from a book. Someone who works full time and has a special circumstance will have a different plan than someone who has a more free daily schedule. Each goal is athlete-client specific, so why wouldn’t the plan to reach said goal be just as specific?

What do people ask me most often?

"Have you always run?", "Do you run the whole thing?", "How long does it take you to run (some specific distance)?"

What SHOULD people ask more often?

"How do you prepare?", "What else does it take to make a big goal attainable?"

Ok, so why a coach?
Benefits of hiring a running coach include minimizing injuries, providing support and motivation. When a runner respects their body, and listens to their body’s feedback they are injured less often. When you are injured less often, you can train more consistently. When you train more consistently, you become a much better runner. That’s something every runner wants.

What's special about TRC and me?
Many dreamers think they don’t have the time, and they don’t have the ability to structure or create a plan. When someone is a stay-at-home parent, their schedule may have different flexibilities compared to someone who travels for work.  The goals may be the same, but the steps to reach goals are tailored to their unique lifestyle, as well as their unique goal and unique start point. I offer personalized boutique service, really. And I've lived through all kinds of personal and professional situations to know how to help.

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