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I’m an experienced RRCA Certified Coaching Professional who can help you find your joy in running. I am a 'boutique' coach.  Every athlete is different in their wants, goals, lifestyles. I meet that with specificity. And Texas hospitality!

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RRCA Certified Coaching Professional

About Me

Hi! I'm Laura. I am an RRCA certified running coach who lives in beautiful Ft Worth, Texas. I love to run long on both roads and trails. With over 100 marathons and ultras under my belt, I am confident I can help you succeed as a runner. What are your goals? I can help you! Not sure about your goals yet? We can work together to figure those out. Learn more about My Story here.

Running for me is a lifelong journey of discovery. Let me help you!

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About Me

"I could not have learned what it took without the help of my dear friend and running coach, Laura Euckert."

Read Becky's story here

"She has incredible passion for the sport! You can't go wrong with Laura behind you!"

Read Mandy's story here

"She is seriously Running Royalty in Cowtown. ... She’s got the compassion of Mother Teresa and the endurance of a Kenyan. I trust her 100%  "

“It’s very hard to understand in the beginning that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually, you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants to quit.”

George Sheehan


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Want to hear more about how I can help your running? Have other questions? Let me know; I am here to help!

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